GARNIER Skin and Hair Impressive

Today’s goodies! Well today I received some wonderful samples in the mail from Garnier.

.34 oz of the Ultralift Transformer Anti-age Skin Corrector

.16 oz of the Clean Nourishing Cleansing Oil

Garnier 5 sec Blur Skin Perfector

Fructis 5 Action Deep Nourishing Hair Elixer

And they sent coupons for some great savings when you buy these.

lga-087_1zFructis 5 Action Deep Nourishing Hair Elixir

                                     The great thing about this is the ways ways to use it: Pre-Shampoo Treatment, Blow Dry Accelerator, Conditioner Booster,Ends Finisher and Leave in overnight. I myself am going to use it overnight, as I lighten my hair and need to get that extra conditioning.

Garnier-Clean-Nourishing-Cleaning-OilOK I always thought we wanted to rid of oils on our skin and face due to causing break-outs. Well Garnier has mad a Nourishing Cleansing Oil. This product has Jojoba and Macadamia Oil infused and will not leave your skin feeling oily, and it actually smells really good.

Garnier_Perfect_Blur_Smoothing_Perfecting_Primer_30ml_1371458458_mainOK this one I love. Garnier 5 sec Blur. It actually did reduce the appearance of pores, and no smelly odor. I love this one, and it is a must have , I use it under my foundation and smooth as silk it looks. It has a lovely texture and is easy to apply. The price is right for sure and if it makes me look younger I’ll be a fan forever.

I overall am inpressed with this line of products. The price is reasonable, I did not find any stickiness or foul odor and then actually do what they claim they can do. Would I recommend? Yes if your looking for a low cost maintenance regimen, Garnier has a great line of products!


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