Whiplash Pink Eyelash Curler..So Pretty


I was so Excited that I was chosen for this campaign, WHIPLASH!!!!!!!!! I am so impressed! I have used other eyelash Curler in the past but this one takes the cake, First the handle is so user friendly and comfortable and you do not have to keep adjusting your hand to fit the grip, ERGO Friendly for sure, Second I have lashes that are thin and straight when I used this it literally curled them up so the mascara slides right on without losing the curl making the eyelashes look longer and thicker. Packaging is awesome and attractive, I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to jazz up their lashes, a must have have beauty tool!!!!

Sometimes the smallest beauty tool is the most important.

If interested it can be purchased @ http://www.amazon.com/Pink-Eyelash-Curler-Eyelashes-Professional/dp/B00EYSNWXG/ref=cm_rdp_product


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