Sanitas..Your Lovely


Sanitas sent me some awesome samples!

In the package they sent..

1. PeptiDerm Eye Treatment (which is great for me cause I do not sleep well and my eyes are always tired looking.)

2. Papaya Pineapple Mask (love pineapple)

3. Lactic Cleanser (has Vitamin C which I love in a product)

4. PeptiDerm Moisturizing Cream ( ladies moisturizers are so important)

5. Hyaluronic Concentrate (soon as I seen antioxidants they won my heart)

6. Rejuven-A Cream ( has Vitamin C and E CoQ10 and peptides, which all enhances cell growth)

This skin care line is more advanced and the benefits are amazing.



2 thoughts on “Sanitas..Your Lovely

  1. Did the peptide eye treatment actually work for you? The samples were so tiny that I didn’t notice a difference. Looks like they sent you some cool products. I liked the Lemon scrub best.


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