Everyday Minerals

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Everyday Minerals is a New Product for me, so I decided to order the samples kit, I was very pleased when they arrived.

Very fast Shipping and they package up the samples in a beautiful tan paper with the Logo sticker on it, cute!
Now there is a s/h fee small but it is more than worth it.
In my sample pack I was able to request the ones that I am interested in and listed them below.

1. Everyday Minerals Face Pearl Dusting powder
2. Everyday Minerals Face Finishing Dust
3. Everyday Minerals Base Rosy Light 2C
4. Everyday Minerals Face Lanai in the Sand
5. Everyday Minerals Cheek in Field of Roses
6. Everyday Minerals Base in Honey
7. Everyday Minerals Face in poipu-lar shores

Now I will say this, presentation of the samples is very stunning and professional and fresh.
The actual products themselves I can only describe as “SATIN” smooth and soft, does not overpower over your natural tones but accents and brings them out more. The products are not over scented and so easy to apply, and the fact they are a mineral product is even more classy.

Would I recommend this line of Mineral Cosmetics? Absolutely. Everyday Minerals gets a 5 star from Whatdoyouthinkdoll.

If you are interested in these samples for yourself, or a fashion Diva on your list here is the link:



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