Eurospa Facial Mask Dollar Store Find

Ok OK Ill be honest I really am a huge fan of Dollar stores, I love seeing what they have and I would say 75% of the time they have great brand names like Maybelline, Elf, and other higher end brands there, mind you I always check first to see if they are legit or knock offs.
Now this product caught my eye and I thought meh” Ill try it. Well, I was shocked it went on smoothly did not burn like some masks do and it absorbed the oils in the skin, I do have oily skin. Now after the 15 minutes it was totally dry and I grabbed my facecloth and washed it off, came off super easy, then I used my toner and moisturizer and Bam nice facial and tone up for a buck.

So if you look in your dollar stores try one out, I am going to get at least a few more. OK, here is the product on and please “hold your laughter” yes I have multi colored hair I am getting ready to do it

Also would like to add there is no overpowering smell and the texture of the actual product is very soft and pliable.



So over all never doubt a dollar store find.

I purchased this product and any comments or review is mine. I did not receive any endorsement or compensation for this posting


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