Smiley 360 Chapstick Hydration Lock Campaign

I love Smiley360. Been a member for quite a while and have tested and reviewed some of the hottest items on the market.
Chapstick Hydration Lock Campaign and I was picked and like any other agent we get so excited to try out what they send ASAP!
In the Chapstick Hydration Lock Campaign came a full size Dual ended Chap stick, coupons that you can share and I am planning on it. and your Smiley360 Agent Chap stick guide.
body merry 014

Here is a close up of the Chap Stick so you can see both ends are a product.
body merry 015

Benefits of this product:
-non-tinted (great so men can wear it too)
-anti-aging formula (who does not want their lips to stay young and beautiful)
-top one is for moisturizing (very important in the cold and dry seasons)
-bottom one is for renewing (always looking to repair damage from the elements)

I love the fact they put 2 great products in one tube, it makes it so much easier then having to carry around multiple items.
My thoughts over all, I Love it.

DISCLAIMER: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free from smiley360 for my truthful and honest review. I did not receive any monetary value for this .


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