E.L.F Wicked Beauty Book …Fabulous

E.L.F Wicked Beauty Book is Fabulous and Creative

I had to see what all the hype was about with ELF Beauty Books, They seem to be the hottest Make-Up Item right now out there and everyone is raving about them.

I decided on my way home from the doctors to stop by my local Target to see if I could get my hands on one and I did. (insert evil grin here)

There are 4 to this collection:
1. Wicked
2. Vampire
3. Evil
4. Enchanted

As much as I love Vampires, I went with the Wicked Palette. I just loved the colors. But do not get me wrong they are all awesome!
The Wicked palette contains:
8 eyeshadows with applicator
1 brightening Eyeliner Pencil
1 lip color
1 set of false lashes
1 adhesive lash glue

Amazing little set up. Here are the pics 🙂

So if your looking for something a bit edgy and from the norm check out the ELF Halloween Beauty Books.

I purchased this item, and happy I did. For $6.00 you cannot go wrong.


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