Remodia Wine Aerator

Remodia Wine Aerator

As a wine drinker I always want to enjoy it full flavored. I usually indulge during holidays, gatherings and sometimes just to relax. I love my seasonal makes that have different fruits like peach, apple and some even with a nice soft chocolate taste and aroma.
A lot of people buy wine, and just open it and drink. I was one of those people and little did I know some wines need to sit and breathe for the full flavor and aroma to be in full effect.

I was researching some brands for my Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner when I stumbled upon what is called a “Wine Aerator” and being a gadget lover had to look into it. You ask yourself what is a “Wine Aerator?” Ok let me explain.

Pour your wine into the Aerator, what it does is exposes the product to the air to help it breathe, which enhances not only the flavor but the aroma as well.

Remodia actually has an aeration component that gently expands your wine, exposing it to the maximum amount of air possible.
Easy to hold and use , you just pour the wine in and let it flow gently through into your glass. This also saves so much time having to wait for your bottle to breathe. I know at dinner the last thing I want is to have to wait to serve wine with dinner.

Now This is dishwasher safe, and comes in a beautiful box set up for gift giving as well. I includes the Aerator, the holder for safe storage and a beautiful black bag to store it when traveling, and I travel a lot.
I am including some pictures here of the actual product. You will see how perfect this would be for any wine lover, or as a gift to anyone learning the skill of wine tasting and serving.

wine 3wine 4wine 5wine2

Interested in improving your wine experience? The this is the item for you. Check it out here.

Watch My Video Review here

I received this item in exchange for my honest and truthful opinion.


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