Make My Lips Pretty My Lipstick Finds

I am huge fan of lipsticks, glosses, stains anything that makes your lips more beautiful, let’s face it a lot of people when first looking at you notice your lips.

So I decided to post a few of my favorite little finds. I have a bad habit of being out in stores and having to grab lip items all the time, and hearing hubby say ” don’t you have enough lipstick already?’ My response “a women can never have enough color in their life” and end up walking out with two instead of one. Here are a couple of my favs!

Maybelline Red Revolution Color Sensational #630


Milani Raspberry Rush #19


Hard Candy Ombre Courageous #764


As I mentioned I love lipsticks and just wanted to share some of my color finds. I am actually going to shop later this week to search out some Lip Tars and Glosses to add some more fall colors to my collection.

Have a favorite lip item? Please share it with us all.


9 thoughts on “Make My Lips Pretty My Lipstick Finds

  1. I do love pretty lipstick and envy you girls that can wear it. My hubby hates the taste of it so in order to keep him kissing me I don’t wear it. rofl


  2. I love those colors and a little gloss on top all I can wear is lipgloss because where I live my lips get dry or I bite my


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