One Lovely Blog Award


The rules are to thank the person who nominated me, and of course I am so thankful to Joely please check out her blog :

and I am supposed to tell 7 facts about myself then nominate 7 other bloggers I would like to get to know better so here goes:

Seven Facts About Me:

1. I love snakes any snake and never have feared them at all.

2. I love animals, cats dogs any wildlife and even down to the itsy little ladysbugs.

3. I love and I mean love horror movies from the early classics to the gruesome ones today.

4. I am obsessed with Nail Polish and anything to do with nails.

5. I am Bi-polar that is what made me getting into blogging to release some of that “manic” energy.

6. I love cats, I think I was one is a past life.

7. I hate when I cannot find the matching sock, it is almost like the dryer ate them.

The seven blogs I nominate are:



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