Secret Outlast Deodorant BzzAgent


BzzAgent “DollfaceDebbie” here with another awesome review, and this one is for SECRET OUTLAST DEODORANT.

If your anything like me I get so mad and flip out when getting ready to go out and you have nasty, chalk white marks all over your underarm area on your clothes…especially when wearing that cute little dress you bought. I know I have had to wash off those pain in the back-end spots.
Even after a company states “it goes on clear” NOT. It still shows up on your clothes.

Now you can see my excitement when I was chosen to test and review SECRET OUTLAST Deodorant, and I will tell you why. First here are some pics so you can follow me on this review.
Here is the packaging up close you can see that the gel is actually “CLEAR” not a chalky white product, like it’s competitors. It has a great ergo friendly grip and a great roller at the bottom to control how much product you need. It says on the package 48 hours of protection, well I used it all day and still smelled like I just put it on, and who goes 48 hours without showering??? I know I shower 2 x a day. But hey if I ever meet someone who goes that long without showering I’ll be handing them this.


Now here is the actual top of the applicator, smooth and rounded so it will glide on nicely. Perfect, Pampers and protects.
Personally I love the smell it is really soft and refreshing and it does not show on my clothes!!


Overall I love it! Bye-Bye nasty chalk deodorants, hello Secret Outlast Gel! Now hubby will have to take me out dancing so I can put it though the sweaty dance test.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free from BzzAgent. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


One thought on “Secret Outlast Deodorant BzzAgent

  1. Love the REVIEW! I personally like the one I got in my Walmart box. That stuff is so strong that while bathing in tree oil and vinegar (I’m weird) I can still smell the deodorant over the tree oil and vinegar!! That’s some strong stuff!! But when I run out I may have to give this a try!! Cause that free stuff I got um it’s quite expensive to purchase…. So looking for cheaper options!

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