Snuggle Dream Exhilarition Mission

Straight from the Snuggle Den on a mission. I was lucky enough to be chosen for the Snuggly Dream Exhilaration Mission.

If you are like me you have to have all your bedding, and clothes smelling great all the time. I am obsessed with falling asleep to a lovely Lavender scent every night. I was using sprays to get that comforting smell.
Until now, introducing Snuggle White Lavender and Sandalwood Fabric Softener.. a gentle scented liquid that you put into your laundry to make all your linens and clothing soft, and smelling great.

snuggle collage

Snuggle Den sent me A full size bottle of White Lavender & Sandalwood Fabric softener and yes I have to put it through the DollfaceDebbie test, and it passed with flying colors. 1 week after laundering and sleeping on my sheets the smell was still on them like I just washed them that day. They material stayed soft and clean and I slept like a baby.
I then washed my terry towel robes which are really think and fluffy, it made them even fluffier and smell like I was walking through a field of fresh Lavender.

I always give my opinion on things I am asked to try and test, I will say with 100% truth this Snuggle product is going to be a permanent addition to my laundry and household.
Great job Snuggle and welcome to the family! Check out all the great products that Snuggle makes, Hey I see it this way, if the bear likes it, you will too.

Want to know more about the great Snuggle Den and the great line of products? Here ya go and see you in dreamland!

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As a member of Team Snuggle I am required to disclose that I received this product in exchange for my 100% honest opinion.  I did not receive any monies for my review.


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