Dr Song Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

Sick of expensive trips to the dentist for whitening treatments?
Have you tried products over the counter to get whiter teeth?
Sick of spending money on drug store and mail order teeth whitening products that claim you will have the whitest teeth around?

If you have answered any of these questions you need to get a product that is actually going to do what it says.” WHITEN YOUR TEETH.”

Dr Song Professional Teeth Whitening Kit Is what you need.


I am and ex-smoker, coffee drinker and occasional wine, all things that caused my teeth to get discolored, I am one of those people that bought multiple over the counter products that promised whiter teeth, and better teeth , NOT! I have yet to find one that actually does that.
I want to explain that the ones that I have tried did make my teeth ache and become very sensitive, causing discomfort.

Now I was asked to try out Dr Song Professional Teeth Whitening Kit , again being the skeptic I am had to try for myself.

• 8 large syringes of whitening gel – good for 50 applications
• 1 large remineralization gel syringe
• gel applicator brush – for easy application of whitening gel
• LED Blue Light Accelerator – for acceleration of whitening process
• moldable teeth trays
Maximum strength take home teeth whitening kit, the same ones used by dentists, but done in the convenience of your own home! Since this kit contains professional maximum strength whitening gel, it is not reccomended for use if you have sensitive teeth.

dr song

Step One …follow the directions properly, products fail because people do not take the time to actually use them properly.

These are the exact directions provided by Dr.Song, when followed you will see the results.
Preparing your trays:

Step 1: Place the tray over the upper teeth without placing the tray in boiling water. Practice with your tongue on the roof of your mouth and touching the inside of the tray. Suck the air from the tray. This contours the guard to the inside surface of the teeth. Repeat with lower tray.

Step 2:Bring water to a boil. Pour the water into a cup and let sit for 1 minute. Dip the tray into the water for 5 seconds. Make sure the edges do not fold onto each other (occurs when dipped for too long, if this happens, reshape tray back to original form, allow to cool and try again).

Step 3:Lift the tray vertically from the water using the tab. Carefully and quickly place the tray around the teeth and then immediately perform the procedure outlined in step 1.

Step 4: The tray can be reformed multiple times by dipping them again into hot water, repeat until satisfied.

Step 5: Once you are satisfied with the fit, trim the front tab away from the tray with scissors.

Whitening treatment:

Step 1:Brush and floss just prior to bleaching your teeth

Step 2:Dispense .5 ml of gel into a small bowl and using the applicator brush, apply a thin layer of gel to the front teeth only, making sure the gel stays away from the gums. Do not whiten the back teeth, since no one can see them.

Step 3:Insert whitening trays in the mouth over the teeth. Immediately wipe any excess gel off of the gums.

Optional: You can use the LED tray light by placing it over your trays and use it for 15 minutes at the start of each session.

Step 4:Wear the trays for 15 minutes and up to 4 hours if a stronger treatment is desired. If sensitivity or irritation occurs, wait 24 hours between treatments and use less gel. Repeat process daily until you reach the desired shade. You may wear longer if you experience no tooth sensitivity.

Final Step:Gently remove any excess gel that remains on the teeth and gums to prevent any possible irritation.

I did everything exactly in this order, what was my results?????

My teeth do have a very big difference in the color, I would say after the first treatment of 15 minutes I lightened 3 shades, now I only did the short treatment I had to make sure that my teeth were not super sensitive to the formula, so I rinsed with cold water to see if they were , you will know if hot or cold hit your teeth if you are sensitive trust me.

Would I recommend this product??????? Yes I would, 2 main reasons being one my teeth did not hurt after, and there was a noticeable difference before and after.
I will be posting more pics and updates to show the before and after in a weeks time.
Interested?? I am going to include the link so you can get a whitening kit that actually delivers!!!


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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