Certified Organic & 100% Natural Seaweed Powder by Insta Naturals

Skin Conditions, Cellulite, Smoother Skin, Softer Skin.

We all suffer from one of those ailments, and want to try and rid ourselves of these problems. Insta Naturals has come out with a all natural product to help us fight those conditions. I am lucky enough to be able to try this product out.

Introducing Insta Natural 100% Seaweed Powder Certified Organic Kelp


It comes in a 24fl oz container which is great for storage,  and handling.

If your wondering what kelp is?? Kelp is known as brown algae, it  is a herb that comes from deep under the sea. It is, essentially, seaweed that thrives on sunlight.

It has many many benefits to it like Iodine which people did not know our bodies need.


Insta Naturals has made it into a fine soft buttery like powder, which is great because there are so many uses for this in this powdered state.

I will also  be including a facial recipe and a body wrap recipe both that I have tried. Now you must be aware it does have a funky fishy smell but what Ocean product doesn’t?

Ok now you have an idea of what Kelp is and the form that it came in let me help you understand the benefits of using this.

1. It is !00% Natural and Organic

2.  It is used for detoxifying the skin on face, arms, legs, and ares that need the attention.

3. Aids in reducing Cellulite on on bodies and every women thin or larger has it.

4. Vitamin B12, Vitamin E, Iodine, Amino Acids are part of this plant naturally which helps to remove impurities in the skin.

5. It is easy to mix with your favorite oils, and easily washes off after your treatments.

One thing for sure my cats loved it they kept coming after me while I was doing the cellulite wrap on my legs and thighs.  Even animals want it.

The reason I was so excited about the cellulite  help was I have it on the back of my legs and I hate wearing shorts in the summer and want it to be less.

I mixed my batch with warm water, olive, oil and lavender oil into a creamy paste, used a fan brush and coated the areas then wrapped in a saran wrap to let it sink in.  Let on for 15 minutes, I will be doing this 3x a week. After the 15 minutes were up I rinsed off and used the Insta Naturals Cellulite Cream.

As I said  I am going to include a couple of the recipes that Insta- Naturals provided.

I do recommend doing a spot test to make sure you do not have a reaction.


Have fun and try it out, improve your body the natural way, rid of those nasty products infused with chemicals and go natural.

I am including the link to purchase this product, I do give it a 5 star due to the main reason it being Natural.

INSTA NATURALS All Natural Organic Seaweed Powder:

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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