Have you checked your Oil? A quick test you can try at home! The Foundation/Concealer Experiment

What’s in your Make-Up?


Do you ever wonder just how much oil is in a foundation or cosmetic you use? Oil free does not always mean it is. So I have decided to do the oil test, and if your wondering what the oil test is then let me explain how it’s done and try it yourself you would be shocked how many oil free products have a lot of oil.


1. Get a tissue or a plain white piece of paper.

2. Apply a drop of your foundations and concealer on there, leave for a few hours.

3.  Take your facial skin care products (moisturizers, day and night creams) dab them on the paper too leave a few hours.

4. After leaving them there go back and look, is there a huge circle around your products? If so the bigger the circle the more oil there  is in the product. And to think you are applying that on your face, clogging up pores and we wonder why we break out and get pimples.


Now I am going to do this today, and I am going to post pics and the results. I am curious if my products are carrying to much oil! If they are I will be reconsidering what I put on my face!

If you do this test to please send me a pic so I can post it up here!







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