Quality Source Products Expandable Hose

Quality Source Expandable Hose


We all need a garden hose for tasks in the yard whether it be for gardening, washing our vehicles, hosing down driveways and all other tasks we do yearly.  I know living on a big wooded lot I need a hose that can fit around my house with ease, and your typical hose is hard and not very flexible, so when I was chosen to test this hose out I was excited.


First I want to explain what this hose is capable of doing, it is 25 ft in length when not in use, when it fill it expands to 75 ft in length and when there is no water flowing it shrinks back down to 25 ft. I do not know about you but the fact it shrinks down is great for me for storing and taking up less room in my garage. I have many small gardens around my yard so this is perfect for me, and very lightweight, and easy to move around.  After putting the hose on turning on the water I was surprised, the water pressure is amazing and a great steady flow of water, As I moved around with it (I used it to rinse the salt and dirt off my vehicles) I found it did not kink up or bend and stop the water like normal hoses do, and again no problems moving around two cars.

I’d also would like to share a few great details about this hose for the people who want a more technical aspect of this product.

1. The hose extends from 25 ft to 75 feet upon full expansion.

2. 100-PSI “Working Pressure” this when hose is in constant flow

3. 300-PSI”Burst Pressure” this is when opening and closing the flow

4.  It is light and easy to use,  not heavy and stiff like a normal garden hose.


It also comes with the sprayer attachment which has different settings, Shower, Jet, Spray, Mist, Flat, Full, and what I really liked was it has a shut off valve right on it so you can stop the flow if you need to and not waste water.




My honest opinion about the Expandable Hose by Quality Source, I love it, it delivers exactly what the company says it does, makes moving around while doing your tasks easier, and the length is perfect. I very much like the weight and flexibility and no worrying about kinks and bends while working. If you have an elder family member who enjoys being outdoors gardening in the summer this is perfect for them not having to wrap up a traditional heavy hose.  I also have two patios, and many windows on my home and garage this is going to be perfect for when the Spring comes and I clean all my windows and siding.  Overall I would say I recommend this product. It gets the 5 star Dollface approval.

I am including in my review, the link for anyone interested in purchasing one for themselves or for a family member.

Per FTC Guidelines:

I received one or more of the products mentioned above using Tomoson Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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