Influenster Nation Strikes again! ” Reese Spread Campaign”

Influenster Nation Strikes again! ” Reese Spread Campaign” 


Armandhammer 005


Woohoo! I was chosen by Influenster Nation to review and test the New Reese Spread and I am so glad I did! This is by far the best spread on the market. As you can see in the picture they send it out in a great bright orange box with your full size jar of Reese Spread.

Armandhammer 006

Ok about the product now, Packaging is beautiful and in a nice screw top container to keep it fresh (it did not last long in my house to worry about that) and a plastic container so if you drop it or the kids drop it no worries about shattered glass. 

Armandhammer 007Armandhammer 008

The taste is so good, a rich chocolate peanut butter flavor that taste like a melted peanut butter cup in your mouth, with just the right amount of sweetness. The combination of the two is great and leaves you wanting more! You could use this for a dip for fruits, pretzels, a spread on a sandwich, or a bagel. The spread is creamy so it spreads right on perfect.

Nutrition information is labelled clearly on the back of the container.

Armandhammer 009


I do want to  mention that if you have peanut allergies this is not a product for you, it is also made in a factory where it has been exposed to nut and nut products.


My final opinion, we loved it in this household, it is a great snack and the taste and texture is amazing, we give it a double thumbs up to Reese’s for making a great product that the whole family can and will continue to enjoy.

****Please note as per FTC guidelines I received this product from Influenster for my honest and truthful opinion, I was not paid in anyway*****

Not a member of the Influenster Nation??? Here is the link so you can join me and hundreds of others on great missions!


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