Epique Derma Roller “540 Needles “Titanium Micro Roller

Epique Derma Roller “540 Needles “Titanium Micro Roller

with Anti-Slip Grip


“What is a Derma Roller?”

A derma roller is a device that is outfitted with dozens of what is often labeled “surgical-grade needles.”

“What does it do?”

Derma Rollers are used by hundreds of women to help repair and improve the appearance of skin problems. The Epique micro derma roller has a series of very tiny needles that are used to diminish the following:

**Reduction in appearance of wrinkles**

**Fade and repair acne scarring**

**Fade and fix blemishes and Pores**

**Stretch mark repair and fading**

**Helps to boost cell regeneration**

**Aids in absorption of facial creams and serums**

**helps to reduce dark spots** 

How do I use this?



OK the Epique Micro Derma roller  has 540 1.0 mm needles that are place on a roller, First make sure you wash your hands and face before starting, clean your roller with alcohol,  it is also an item that is for your personal use only, because it opens your skin up and the needles may break the surface of your treated area and blood, sweat and other bodily fluids may come in contact with your roller and for health and safety you should never share any tool like this. It’s a needle it’s only common sense not to share it.  After sterilizing it and have prepped you roll the tool over your troubled areas, whether it be your face, scars, stretch marks or other areas your treating, you do not have to grind this down roll and it does the work, yes there may be blood but you have to remember you are rolling 540 needles over your skin it is going to be sensitive and even bleed a bit. If you experience this use a sterile/clean face cloth to gently pat away any blood.







I do suggest if you have skin care issues nothing replaces the advice of your skin care specialist, if you are going to use the Derma Roller always make sure you seek knowledge, if you are interested for this type of at home treatment read into and start small! As all medical tools they should be properly sterilized and stored properly, and only be used by you.  Would I recommend this skin care tool. Yes I would, everyone has a different opinion about the use of at home skin care tools, I have been very lucky, with the use of the Epique Micro Derma Roller and Proper skin care serums I notice a huge difference. It is about taking care of your skin properly and following directions. I am not a medical doctor, the opinions and use of this tool was at  my own discretion.


Interested in this Epique Micro Derma Roller I will  include the link here.


As Per FTC rules: I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion and testing purposes, I was not paid or given any monetary payment for this. All information is my 100% honest and unbiased opinion, I only post about products I would recommend and personally use.


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