Posh Perfection

“Perfectly Posh” describes this Skin Care line exactly.

Let me tell you about the products from Perfectly Posh, I cannot describe in words how these products awaken your senses and your body but I am going to try. The Posh line  includes scrubs, lotions, masks and so  much more. When I was asked to try these items out from Kim Gaudi who is a representative for Perfectly Posh I was super excited and honored. Out of the kindness of her heart she sent me samples of some of her product line, and I am going to share them with you. I will say that this is by far one of the “classiest and exquisite” line of skin care I have ever laid my hands and body on, so read on and enjoy the journey of the products with me.

“Hot Pepper Sha-Bang Butter”

Hot pepper Sha-Bang Butter is a cocoa based deep penetrating muscle rub, that has a beautiful soft peppery scent. It has a smooth soft texture and is easy to smooth on, I tested this on my husband due his back and shoulder pain issues and he loved it. It absorbs so nicely into the skin leaving you feeling soft and smooth but also helped his aches and my ability to massage it into his troubled areas without any oily or sticky feeling. I know if I do not get more of this he will be unhappy as he loved it that much. Yes ladies our men need love too! What is excellent is that this uses Capsicum(pepper) for the ingredient to make this product fabulous. It is easy to use and if you want to amplify the effects of this lotion Posh recommends applying a warm towel or low setting on a heating pad. I also would like to add I suffer from RLS(Restless Leg Syndrome) and Fibromyalgia and this is a go to for those days when flare ups are at there worse.

Posh 2


“Daily Grind Coffee Scrub for Body”

We all love our cup of coffee in the morning or during the day at work, but coffee can be more then a liquid in a cup it can  be a beautiful body scrub. Posh has created a sugar, salt and coffee body scrub and it is made with just that, it is like a cup of coffee for your outer self. Daily Grind Coffee Scrub has a very sweet and fresh coffee scent that awakens the senses when used. It promotes fresh clean and soft skin because it has real coffee grounds in it, which also aids in prevention of cellulite. I have to admit coffee grinds on my body in the shower?? I loved it, I felt like a goddess after using this on my legs and arms and buttocks, smooth and soft, and I can  have  my coffee in the morning and my coffee fix in the shower at night.

Posh 3


“Stripper Detox Body Mud”

Everyday our face is exposed to make-up, dirt, dust and other airborne particles that cause our skin to become dull, clogs our pores and cause us to breakout and we just cannot get deep into our skin to clean them all out. Stripper Detox Body Mud from Posh does that. It deeps cleans and helps to remove that nasty stuff from our face, it soothes and aids in removal of free radicals, helps with less blackheads and blemishes. It has a very lovely sweet scent and I found it applies smooth and gently, not like a lot of skin care products that when applied they pull while your putting it on. if I could describe the scent better it would be a mixture of Vanilla and spring flowers.  I applied the mud waited 10 minutes and then rinsed in a luke warm water, pat dried and wow my face felt so smooth and clean. I will be doing this once a week. Now because it is a deep cleansing product I have to agree once a week is a good idea. It’s like playing in the mud but for your beauty!


Posh 4


“Gender Bender Chunk D-Tox Bar”

I love this product for 2 reasons, there is no sulfates in its formula and it does not dry out skin. I know a lot of bar soaps on the market dry your skin out so bad and in the winter it is even worse, they contain so many additives which are not good for out skin, honestly let’s face it I do not know any women who wants to feel like a lizard with dry flaky skin and itching and that is what  bar soap does, you end up having to slather on a whole bottle of  moisturizer to try and calm that angry skin. Gender Bender has a beautiful fresh clean scent, lathers up just right and is a sulfate free product. Is safe to use from head to toe and is great for any age , and both men and women, and you can use it daily. I would recommend purchasing a couple bars because once the rest of the family gets a hold of this it may disappear before you know it. I thoroughly loved it. Lathers beautifully and smells amazing!


Posh 5


“Calm Down Calming & Soothing Face Mask”

Oatmeal and banana? Yes Please! I woke up this morning and felt blah! I decided to give the Calm Down face mask a shot to better my mood, and what better way to do that then a nice facial in the morning. This face mask is awesome! It smells like fresh bananas and a hint of chamomille,  it smoothed right on and as I let it sit on my skin for 10 minutes enjoyed the scent, it actually is a very refreshing feeling as it works it magic, after resting and enjoying that felling I rinsed of in luke warm water and pat dry and applied my moisturizer. My skin was so soft I was shocked. Waht a treat and a nice pick me up. You can also use this on sunburned skin. It was a nice relaxing feeling after and the scent as I mentioned is very relaxing. Grab a cup of tea and relax with this one.


Posh 6


“Mint for Each Other”a.k.a. “MFEO”

Now this is my personal favorite. Mint for each other has peppermint and rosemary leaf infused in this body scrub, A beautiful clean and crisp Mint scented body scrub that you can use alone or with your partner. It is a gentle scrub that did not cause and scratchy or rough feeling it smoothed off dead skin from my legs and arms, and I used it on my husbands back and shoulders, what man does not like to be pampered as much as us ladies. Posh has made a great body scrub that can be shared and help to improve the body cleaning experience. I loved the power and I loved the smell and that I could get rid of dead skin with such a gentle product. I know if you try this out that you will not want to share it and keep it all for yourself.  As I said this is by far my favorite product and I cannot say how much I recommend it.

Posh 7

Perfectly Posh has gone far and beyond in creating a skin and body care line to address all parts of the body from head to toe, with high quality ingredients and scents for all ages, all walks of life and for male and females who take pride in their daily body care rituals. I myself will be a dedicated user and fan of the Perfectly Posh products for a long time.  I would recommend all of the products that I have tested and shared with you here. 


Now for the most important part, If you are interested in joining and indulging in a exquisite line of  true skin care I suggest you contact Kim Gaudi, she is very professional, and knows her line of products that she could recommend for you, her fun and bubbly knowledge of Posh makes it fun and enjoyable to shop the greatest line. So whether it is for you or a loved one join in on quality and classy body fun. Here is her contact info and make sure to tell her that Debbie from WhatdoyouthinkDoll sent you!


Posh 8



A big thank-you to Kim for providing me with these samples to test, share and introduce you to great products from Perfectly Posh.


As per FTC Guidelines: I received the above mentioned products  in exchange for testing and my honest opinion. I was not paid in any way for my opinions, they are all honest and my own thoughts.










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