Sinful Colors Nail Polish “Live it up in Sin”

Sinful Colors Nail Polish “Living it up in Sin”


As most of my friends know I am a nail Polish Fanatic, and currently own over 200 bottles. I can never get enough and I guess you can call it an obsession. No matter where I go I always end up hitting the nail polish isle and buying at least two new bottles just because I do not have that certain color or brand, I mean really you can never have enough choices right?


But this kind of obsession can get expensive, until I found Sinful Colors. I currently  have 28 bottles of that brand and I just added three more this week. With Spring coming and toes and sandal weather a girl can never have enough choices. The reason I love this line is because it lasts longer than any other polish I have found out there, it  has lasted longer then the $8-15 dollar brands and it is a great price of $1.99 a bottle, you cannot beat that. So I wanted to share some of the most prettiest colors I just indulged in.


Dare Devil #1104 A beautiful coral color with a subtle hint of yellow. I call this one a beach color because it is so hip and trendy that anyone hanging out at the beach would automatically look at your toes and fingers with such a playful color.


Pinky Glitter # 830 is just so innocent a soft pastel pink with a touch of glitter and the right amount of shine. This color is what I would wear to a wedding or baby shower, it is elegant and classy. Match it up with a cute anklet or bracelet and it would be just doll like.


Bali Mist #387 I call this a “Rave” color, more of a purple with pink tones, a bit more of a darker shade that would be great for nights out on that patio, and clubbing, it has almost a hypnotic look to it, and would be beautiful under those flashy lights and even the moonlight. Edgy, yet classy.


I’m impressed not only with the color selection but with the quality and wear of these polishes, I know that I’ll be adding so many more to my collection of Sinful Colors. I hope you enjoyed reading and seeing some of the prettiest colors I have found for Spring and Summer..stay tuned for more to come on Sinful Colors new shades. I am giving them the tested and approved Award.award



Disclamer: I purchased these items, and all my opinions are 100% honest and my own. I was not paid or compensated for this posting.










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