Facial Blotting Paper [Day by Day Beauty]

Day by Day Beauty


Facial Blotting Papers

Oily Skin? Shiny Skin? Wet looking and make up looks wet and sticky? That is because our skin omits it’s own natural oils, but sometimes it can be way to much and can cause breakouts, and your make-up and face powders to not perform the duties we need it too. Even using oil-free and oil control skin care products some days is just not enough so we need to find ways to absorb those excess oils that we have showing up!

Day By Day Beauty has created a Luxury Blotting paper to aid us with this problem, and yes they do work. I put them to the test. I have an extremely oily t-zone which includes forehead, nose and chin and trying to find a way to control that and not look shiny has been a challenge.



When asked to test and give my opinion on the Day By Day Blotting Papers I was questioning how would that little sheet of paper take away the oils, there is no way. I was wrong. I skeptically opened them up and started blotting my nose and forehead, and I have to admit I was shocked, you could actually see the oil on the paper, and not a little bit, a whole lot.

Wait this is what is coming off my face was what I was thinking, now I know why I am having breakouts, way to much oil coming out of my pores. NOT COOL! All this time I was blaming my make-up.


As you can see here the paper looks wet, no it is oil from my face, gross? Yes, as I said I was in awe when I saw this myself. I did not realize until I used the Blotting sheets how much oil we really excrete from our facial pores until I used these. It actually made me realize, “Hey, no wonder my make-up and foundation is oily looking, my pores are releasing all this oil underneath and my make-up cannot do what is is suppose too fighting this.”  I am going to be using these on a daily basis and carry a package in my handbag, no more nasty oily look for this Dollface!




My final thought’s? I love these Blotting Papers by Day By Day and I will recommend them to everyone! I can go out and know I have these little papers in my reach for touch ups and getting rid of that nasty shine when I am out and about.  I would like to say that they come in a pack of 100 papers, they are perfect size for your pocket or handbag, and great for on the go especially when traveling for those last minute touch ups. here is the direct link to get your own, trust me you will be glad you have these, and they can be used before make-up and after.


Per FTC GUidelines: I received one or more of the products mentioned above using Tomoson Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers

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