Make-Up Brushes are Important!

Make-Up Brushes are Very Important


Make up application is a science, using the right products, using the right blend of colors and how you apply them. The quality of your applicators is very important to get the proper effect you are working on achieving.

Macee Leigh Cosmetic Brush Set

Macee Leigh has created a line of professional Cosmetic Tools to help you with your daily make-up routine.

Vegan and Allergy Friendly Cosmetic Brushes with authentic bamboo handle and Talkon bristles.

Talkon is a cruelty free alternative to animal hair bristles due to it being polyester based. Talkon is known for being extremely soft and not having any surface irregularities that trap dirt, cosmetics and bacteria. The smooth tapered bristle is easy to clean and is considered more hygienic than animal bristles.

Our Latex free Blending Sponges come in 3 convenient sizes to meet all of your flawless face needs!

Used for full foundation application and contouring, the blossom shaped sponges are used slightly damp with a tad of foundation. Use the unique shape to stipple (tap) your foundation onto your face for a perfectly blended finish. Our handled Blended Sponge can be used for more fine detail contouring and blending by using the same approach.

To clean, simply wet the sponges and use a small amount of natural soap or facial cleanser.

11 piece brush bundle including all 10 of our brushes and sponges and an exclusive Macee Leigh Logo Cosmetic Case. This set includes:

Blended Trio Sponges
Kabuki Brush
Blush Brush
Angled Eyeliner Brush
Eye Shadow Brush
Crease Brush
Lash Comb
Fan Brush

Macee Leigh Logo Cosmetic CaseĀ 7 3/4(L) X 5 (H) X 4 1/2 (W)

Total Value of $150 only $99 when you buy the set! Or you can buy them individually for just what you need!



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