Unethical, Unprofessional..and lack of Respect for Fellow Direct Sellers

Unethical, Unprofessional..and lack of Respect for Fellow Direct Sellers 

I never complain unless I have too, as a Direct Sales Specialist I believe that customer service, presentation and how you present yourself is of sheer importance. I always ask questions, and I never would down any company for what it sells. yes everyone wants to market the products they sell and beat out the competition but if you believe in your products and what you are offering there is no reason to attack another company or the products they sell. We should want to learn about each others products and what the difference is so we can target the customers needs.

Am i right?

Well lately I have noticed so many attacks on sellers that are just trying to make a living and introduce the products that they have to share. It saddens me and angers me that instead of empowering each other we attack? Instead of referring someone to a fellow rep who could help find exactly what that customer is looking for, you degrade the product and line of another just to get that sale. Is that professional behaviour? NO! Is is actually a huge turn away. Do you want to buy from someone who knowledgeable, professional and proud, or someone who is rude, unethical and degrades other companies?  Personally soon as I see someone attacking another company and the products they sell I am gone, and look for another company.

20+ Years In Customer Service

I have worked Customer Service for 20+ Years and never have I seen so much hate and anger as I have lately. So I would love to share some tips for the DS Reps who attack and degrade other companies. And please if you have any comments or thoughts post them here! I love input.


1. Always be friendly and courteous.

2. Know your products, your customers depend on you to educate and inform them about a certain product they are interested in.

3.If you do not have what someone is looking for, network, share a fellow company because that person may not have what their customer is looking for and refer them to you. Network !!Network!!Network!!!

4.Never ever in any situation attack, degrade, or attack another companies product or items, it makes you, yes you look uneducated and the company you work for look bad and ruins it for your fellow reps.

5.  Stay professional, if you find someone degrading your company, leaving rude comments on your posts or ads, instead of being rude, screen shot and report them to the corporate office, stay PROFESSIONAL! It shows you are a true professional and can  handle and ignore ignorance and rise above.

6. Stay positive and have fun! Work together instead of against each other. You will make it a lot further being happy and having fun.

Thanks so much for reading my post, I would love to hear your comments and tips about this issue, and remember have a beautiful day and shine on! Life is to short to be unhappy, and unprofessional. 


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