Runway looks and Styles by Macee Leigh!

What are you walking the Friday runway with? Macee Leigh can help! With everything from fabulous women’s clothing to ‪#‎flashthelash‬ Fiber Mascara you can add some Flare to Friday’s! We carry all styles for all sizes, and a large variety of cosmetics for that Runway ready look! 14 1012983_10153070969884168_3199729553772842974_n 1507561_10204706882405807_5945272660890309899_n 1926935_10102223856360825_6784877816686240401_n 10519208_453939951423031_3471306714565643243_n 10891448_425825854234441_3915419649056876006_n Lace_Top__49560.1429235044.380.380 Maxi_Dress__82619.1429233527.1280.1280 Mint_Lace_1__62914.1429236412.1280.1280 Pink_check__56641.1429237359.380.380 prom Striped_Top_1__58288.1429238355.1280.1280 Tank_Mint__90075.1429233847.1280.1280 white_top_3__13373.1429237757.1280.1280


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