Are you ready for Coffee and Conversation? Check it out!

Are you a morning person? How do you take your coffee?

I’ll take mine in one of three ways!

This is an awesome coffee mug by Got Me Tipsy Glasswear and gifts.

It is made of a clear strong glass with a roomy handle, and printed on the mug is




letting people know when to approach you during your morning coffee, and letting everyone in the office know when your day is starting.

I love this mug because it describes me perfect.

This would by far make a great gift for anyone and with Father’s Day coming this would be a hoot to gift to him, as I said this mug is so sturdy and when I received it, I have to say they took great pride in packaging for a safe delivery, and protection against breakage.

It’s size holds 13 oz ,  is made in the USA,  is dishwasher safe and guaranteed to last,  text is bright white and can be seen clearly.


Overall I love this mug, and so would any coffee or tea drinker! Get yours here!

received this product through a promotion in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.


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