Natural Lash Enhancer LASHIQ

LASH IQ What Make Your Lashes Lush?

I was asked and chosen to review the Lash IQ Lash Enhancer and was thrilled to do so, as a person with really thin tiny lashes I decided it is worth the shot to try it out.

As I said in other reviews I have done I am a skeptic, unless I see some results I will not post a product on my blog,  so writing this review I have seen results. I want to show you the product and its packaging so if you decide to try it you purchase the right stuff.

DSC03624 DSC03628 DSC03629

Lash IQ comes in a cute little package which I think is very eye catching I mean what women does not like Pink and Black! When you open the packaging up you have a tube that is designed like a mascara, and upon opening it has an amazing little brush to apply exactly where it is needed, it is a clear formula and glides on really smooth, I also noticed that it did not have any scent at all, and did not feel sticky. You can see in the pic below the applicator is very fine for precision. I have been using this for over two weeks and what did I notice? It is almost like a lip plumper but for your eye lashes, and a conditioner, over a short time my lashes are softer and plumper, I do use this at night after washing off all my make up so it absorbs to the full extent, it did not make me  have itchy eyes, burn or sting in anyway and like I mentioned my lashes are baby soft and now when I apply mascara it stays on perfectly. So if your looking for a way to enhance and keep lashes healthier this LASHIQ is highly recommended. It can also be used on your eyebrows as well, two in one product YES PLEASE!!!

Want one! Get it here!!!

Disclosure: I received this item free in exchange for my honest opinion. Everything stated is 100% truthful and my own personal views.


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