Old FACTORY CANDLES….A Beautiful home decor and aroma experience.

All I can think of this time of year is the beach , beautiful flowers decorating walkways and porches, family get together’s and BBQ’s  fruity cocktails and the smell of fires burning with friends at night, which is why I am glad I was chosen to test and review this candle set.

I chose the CITRUS GROVE – Key Lime, Lemongrass, Orange Zest CITRUS GROVE – Key Lime, Lemongrass, Orange Zest due to it being the perfect time of year for these specific scents, and I am pleased I did.

I love all of them, not overpowering, scent carries through out the house and makes me want to go into a baking frenzy cause the smell so go you actually want to eat them.

When lit the do not omit and black smoke at all like a lot of candles do. They are made of Hand-poured with natural soy wax, and premium fragrance oils.
They are made right here in the USA and have so many scents to choose from. I have listed what 3 piece set they have so please check them out.

283 284 285 286 288 289

There are scent for everyone and every occasion.

If you are a candle lover, I recommend you check them out and get yours today, these also would make a beautiful gift or decorative addition to any house or room.

You can purchase and pick your favorite scents for yourself or a gift here.


Disclosure: I received this item free in exchange for my honest opinion. Everything stated is 100% truthful and my own personal views.


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