Live Infinitely Water Fruit Bottle Wins!

Summer is upon us once again and I know one thing for sure, the heat causes us to dehydrate, I know when I am out I always have a bottled water with me. I have purchased quite a few of them, but they always break or crack, they leak all over and that drives me mad! Nothing worse then reaching into your backpack and your hand gets soaked along with everything else in there. I mean , let’s face and be truthful the last thing you need is to go to get your change of clothes or phone and its soaked. I was asked to test out a new water/fruit bottle infuser and like everything else I put it through the test. The bottle is great, made of a solid material and has a great way that it comes apart, it makes it so much easier to wash and store.


The bottle has the infuser built into the bottom which is far beyond a great idea, it allows the fruit to infuse in your water the whole time, not like the ones that are built into the top, they only work when the water is on them. The bottom easily unscrews and you can re-attach once it is full, and makes it easier to wash as well. It is BPA free and after dropping it a couple times, being abused in my back pack and outings it is still holding strong and no leaks.



I did give it a little extra test I took the infuser part filled it with watermelon and put it in the freezer, when ready I took it out and added my water and the frozen watermelon not only lasted and flavored the water but it kept it cold. I did put it in the dishwasher and still no leaks or issues. Overall, after the 3 week beating it took and still taking it is not leaking or cracking and passed my test. SO would I recommend this? YES!!!!! I added the link if you would love to have your own…..I’m not sharing mine lol.

Disclosure: I received this item free in exchange for my honest opinion. Everything stated is 100% truthful and my own personal views.


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