Whiter, Brighter teeth? Yes Please

Everyone wants whiter brighter teeth, smokers, wine and coffee drinkers, even just everyday exposure to foods and drinks that stain up our teeth and leave them not looking so white!

So you can  imagine my excitement when I was asked to put Ultimate Smile Professional Teeth Whitening System. I have smoked and drank coffee for as long as I can remember so I did have some staining, and I was not going to spend hundreds on going to the dentist for bleaching, so this was my chance to try a teeth whitening system in the privacy of my home. 

The Ultimate Smile comes in a very nice box, inside you get the mouth guards which you soak in hot water for a minute to be able to custom fit your tray to your teeth and mouth, that is a bonus cause it was very comfortable to wear. You receive 2 syringes with the whitening gel which makes it easy to just put the right amount in the tray, also included is a storage container to store your mouth guard when not in use.

OK so how do you use this?

Easy, after shaping your mouth guard to fit your teeth, you take your whitening gel and dispense it into the tray, enough to cover the teeth, then place your trays in your mouth and gently bite down, this ensures the gel is evenly dispersed on your teeth, now I left mine in for 15 minutes at a time, so it has a chance for the gel to do it’s magic. I did this three times and I can say that my teeth where extremely whiter after. Now after you do your treatment, remove your tray and rinse your mouth out well, I brushed my teeth right after to make sure all the gel was gone. Clean your tray and store in the case.  Kaboom all done.

I also want to share I am a teeth grinder, and have extremely sensitive teeth to cold hot and yes certain toothpastes, I will not lie, after the first time  use I had a tiny bit of of sensitivity but nothing that was painful or uncomfortable.

Overall opinion and results… I am very pleased with the results, I would continue purchasing and using, I found that the results exceeded my expectations and ease of use impressed me.

If you are looking for a affordable and safe way to whiten your teeth this is an amazing product and you can get it here.

I received a free sample to try and review however, all opinions are unbiased, honest and my own. No other form of compensation was received.


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