My Macee Leigh Passion…USA Made Soaps! Fall Scents now Availible.

My Macee Leigh Boutique

What is Macee Leigh you may ask?

Macee Leigh is my passion, and my job. I have my own online boutique, I work my own hours and I stand by the products I sell.  Everything from luxurious Skin Care, Bath and Body, Mineral Cosmetics, the latest fashions and accessories. Amazing aromatherapy and the 100% Green Tea Fiber Lash. The choices are endless, affordable.  Being a Boutique, we always are adding new items never the same products over and over. I  have tried and used the products and I can tell you they are of highest quality.

Welcome Fall! This month we released some fabulous new scents in our bar soaps for the beautiful Fall! All our Soaps are hand Poured and made in the USA


Apple Crisp: This is the apple soap you didn’t know you needed, but now you can’t live without. Packed with three essential oils to uplift and cleanse, kaolin clay to detoxify and ground cinnamon to lightly buff your skin.

French Bistro:Transport yourself to a small bistro in France where the scent of fresh brewed espresso and delicious Crème brûlée surround you. Kaolin clay is known as skin detoxifying and cleansing agent. It aids in removing the dead skin and helps it to regenerate which purifies and detoxes the skin and makes it moist while the ground vanilla beans gently buff your skin

Snickerdoodle: The popular cookie in a soap form! This soap takes on the warm scent of almonds and cinnamon while uplifting and detoxifying with kaolin clay.

Peace Out: Lightly scented of roses and woods, this is packed with eleven essential oils to bring you at peace.Pink Clay is known for cleansing and detoxifying the skin, removing dead skin cells and creating a refreshed appearance.



Charmsations…….YES PLEASE!


What is Charmsations? Well let me tell you about it and the wonderful way I learned about it and the wonderful Direct Sales Hostess Jenn Clayton who I met online.  Jenn is a wonderful person we actually hit it off she was professional and knew her stuff… after a few great chats we started talking about what our passions were, Mine is Macee Leigh and Jenn’s was Charmsation, after learning about her business I was intrigued and had to look! I am so glad I did!

charmI had to take a pic of the first thing I ordered and I was impressed with the quality and appearance of the overall products I ordered. The bands are made of a sturdy leather for comfort and fit, the charms are just amazing and shine like crazy, and the bonus for me is they had the bands in my colors..I love my Lavendar and lilac tones. I actually Bought the ring with the B on it for my daughter..shhh do not tell her I like giving her surprises.

Now here is the kicker to make this even better, I ordered on a Monday and it came here on Wednesday , yes that fast … and it came all wrapped in beautiful tissue and in a awesome Zebra Print bag and then inside the flashy pink Envelope, talk about royalty when your order arrives. Makes you feel like a superstar. 

When I say I speak my mind and truth about a company and the products they carry you know I am telling it how it is, Charmsations is a winner for me, and I will be ordering more for gifts, and of course for me!  It’s affordable, excellent quality and has something for everyone, including your pets! If your looking for gift ideas, to spoil yourself or a friend or loved one I highly suggest talking to Jenn, maybe even book a party with her! She is an amazing women who takes pride in her business. I am including the link here for you to look at her amazing items! Please tell her Debbie sent ya! CHARMSATIONS with Jenn Clayton!

Whiter, Brighter teeth? Yes Please

Everyone wants whiter brighter teeth, smokers, wine and coffee drinkers, even just everyday exposure to foods and drinks that stain up our teeth and leave them not looking so white!

So you can  imagine my excitement when I was asked to put Ultimate Smile Professional Teeth Whitening System. I have smoked and drank coffee for as long as I can remember so I did have some staining, and I was not going to spend hundreds on going to the dentist for bleaching, so this was my chance to try a teeth whitening system in the privacy of my home. 

The Ultimate Smile comes in a very nice box, inside you get the mouth guards which you soak in hot water for a minute to be able to custom fit your tray to your teeth and mouth, that is a bonus cause it was very comfortable to wear. You receive 2 syringes with the whitening gel which makes it easy to just put the right amount in the tray, also included is a storage container to store your mouth guard when not in use.

OK so how do you use this?

Easy, after shaping your mouth guard to fit your teeth, you take your whitening gel and dispense it into the tray, enough to cover the teeth, then place your trays in your mouth and gently bite down, this ensures the gel is evenly dispersed on your teeth, now I left mine in for 15 minutes at a time, so it has a chance for the gel to do it’s magic. I did this three times and I can say that my teeth where extremely whiter after. Now after you do your treatment, remove your tray and rinse your mouth out well, I brushed my teeth right after to make sure all the gel was gone. Clean your tray and store in the case.  Kaboom all done.

I also want to share I am a teeth grinder, and have extremely sensitive teeth to cold hot and yes certain toothpastes, I will not lie, after the first time  use I had a tiny bit of of sensitivity but nothing that was painful or uncomfortable.

Overall opinion and results… I am very pleased with the results, I would continue purchasing and using, I found that the results exceeded my expectations and ease of use impressed me.

If you are looking for a affordable and safe way to whiten your teeth this is an amazing product and you can get it here.
I received a free sample to try and review however, all opinions are unbiased, honest and my own. No other form of compensation was received.

Live Infinitely Water Fruit Bottle Wins!

Summer is upon us once again and I know one thing for sure, the heat causes us to dehydrate, I know when I am out I always have a bottled water with me. I have purchased quite a few of them, but they always break or crack, they leak all over and that drives me mad! Nothing worse then reaching into your backpack and your hand gets soaked along with everything else in there. I mean , let’s face and be truthful the last thing you need is to go to get your change of clothes or phone and its soaked. I was asked to test out a new water/fruit bottle infuser and like everything else I put it through the test. The bottle is great, made of a solid material and has a great way that it comes apart, it makes it so much easier to wash and store.


The bottle has the infuser built into the bottom which is far beyond a great idea, it allows the fruit to infuse in your water the whole time, not like the ones that are built into the top, they only work when the water is on them. The bottom easily unscrews and you can re-attach once it is full, and makes it easier to wash as well. It is BPA free and after dropping it a couple times, being abused in my back pack and outings it is still holding strong and no leaks.



I did give it a little extra test I took the infuser part filled it with watermelon and put it in the freezer, when ready I took it out and added my water and the frozen watermelon not only lasted and flavored the water but it kept it cold. I did put it in the dishwasher and still no leaks or issues. Overall, after the 3 week beating it took and still taking it is not leaking or cracking and passed my test. SO would I recommend this? YES!!!!! I added the link if you would love to have your own…..I’m not sharing mine lol.

Disclosure: I received this item free in exchange for my honest opinion. Everything stated is 100% truthful and my own personal views.

Old FACTORY CANDLES….A Beautiful home decor and aroma experience.

All I can think of this time of year is the beach , beautiful flowers decorating walkways and porches, family get together’s and BBQ’s  fruity cocktails and the smell of fires burning with friends at night, which is why I am glad I was chosen to test and review this candle set.

I chose the CITRUS GROVE – Key Lime, Lemongrass, Orange Zest CITRUS GROVE – Key Lime, Lemongrass, Orange Zest due to it being the perfect time of year for these specific scents, and I am pleased I did.

I love all of them, not overpowering, scent carries through out the house and makes me want to go into a baking frenzy cause the smell so go you actually want to eat them.

When lit the do not omit and black smoke at all like a lot of candles do. They are made of Hand-poured with natural soy wax, and premium fragrance oils.
They are made right here in the USA and have so many scents to choose from. I have listed what 3 piece set they have so please check them out.

283 284 285 286 288 289

There are scent for everyone and every occasion.

If you are a candle lover, I recommend you check them out and get yours today, these also would make a beautiful gift or decorative addition to any house or room.

You can purchase and pick your favorite scents for yourself or a gift here.

Disclosure: I received this item free in exchange for my honest opinion. Everything stated is 100% truthful and my own personal views.

Bling for the Skin!!! 24K Gold Vitamin C Serum Hyaluronic

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24k Gold Vitamin Serum so fabulous! Ladies I am so impressed with this skin care product!

Is is real Gold??

YES! It is! Check it out, I took some real good pics so you can see it and I cannot say enough how amazing the formula is. Is goes on smooth and smells delicious, and you can see the gold flakes on your skin! It goes on so nicely and absorbs quickly, I recommend putting in on after your day or night time cleansing of your face and neck, out of all the skin care products I have tried I am not lying when I say that this is the best of the best, and I noticed a tremendous difference.  My skin appears smoother and less drab,, some spots that I had issues with  dryness has decreased and feels smooth and moisturized. I also noticed that it has decreased some discoloration I had on my cheek.  As I said out of all the products I have tried and tested this one is the TOP OF THE LINE!! 24k is not just for jewelery but for your skin as well, get yours here!!

299 300 301 302

I received a free sample to try and review however, all opinions are unbiased, honest and my own. No other form of compensation was received.

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Natural Lash Enhancer LASHIQ

LASH IQ What Make Your Lashes Lush?

I was asked and chosen to review the Lash IQ Lash Enhancer and was thrilled to do so, as a person with really thin tiny lashes I decided it is worth the shot to try it out.

As I said in other reviews I have done I am a skeptic, unless I see some results I will not post a product on my blog,  so writing this review I have seen results. I want to show you the product and its packaging so if you decide to try it you purchase the right stuff.

DSC03624 DSC03628 DSC03629

Lash IQ comes in a cute little package which I think is very eye catching I mean what women does not like Pink and Black! When you open the packaging up you have a tube that is designed like a mascara, and upon opening it has an amazing little brush to apply exactly where it is needed, it is a clear formula and glides on really smooth, I also noticed that it did not have any scent at all, and did not feel sticky. You can see in the pic below the applicator is very fine for precision. I have been using this for over two weeks and what did I notice? It is almost like a lip plumper but for your eye lashes, and a conditioner, over a short time my lashes are softer and plumper, I do use this at night after washing off all my make up so it absorbs to the full extent, it did not make me  have itchy eyes, burn or sting in anyway and like I mentioned my lashes are baby soft and now when I apply mascara it stays on perfectly. So if your looking for a way to enhance and keep lashes healthier this LASHIQ is highly recommended. It can also be used on your eyebrows as well, two in one product YES PLEASE!!!

Want one! Get it here!!!

Disclosure: I received this item free in exchange for my honest opinion. Everything stated is 100% truthful and my own personal views.