Body Merry Age Defense Neck Cream

Body Merry Age Defense Neck Cream

I’ll be the first to tell you I am not looking forward to aging, after 40 things start to go down not up, so we all try and find ways to “stop” the process of fine lines, crows feet, wrinkles sagging necklines and all those other wonderful issues that come with each year passing.

  Fact is we cannot stop any of those wonderful changes we go through as the body gets older. We spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on implants, botox, and fillers and a list of other plastic surgery fixes just to have to go and have them re-done and touched up.

I do not know about you but injecting chemicals, and putting plastic and silicone implants are not in my budget and if I was meant to  have such a thing I would have been born with them.

I prefer to use skin, hair and beauty products that are safe, loaded with vitamins and are natural. When I was asked to put Body Merry Age Defense Neck Cream to the test, first thing on my mind was “Is it natural or loaded with chemicals?” After a bit of research, I decided to accept, as I said after 40 which I am, things start to change and the neck is one of those areas that need some love and extra attention.  I thought no turkey neck for me.


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Body Merry Age Defense Neck Cream Product Breakdown

What’s in it that is beneficial? Good question!

1. It has a 4% Vitamin C content.

2. Contains 5 % Glycolic Acid.

3. Coenzyme Q 10

4. Organic Aloe

5. Organic Sunflower Oil

When you look at the ingredients on the package first words I see are Organic, very important to me!!!

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Product Texture and Consistency Upon Application.

1. A white creamy color.

2. Very light fluffy texture.

3. Absorbs very quickly and does not leave a sticky feeling.

4. As for scent, it seems to be odorless I could not smell anything at all which I think is a bonus so many products are so heavily perfumed it gives you a headache.

5. Instantly makes skin feel and appear softer.


My Results…

First I will say this if a product is not doing what it says it is suppose to I will not say it does. When asked to review something I give nothing but my honest opinion. Now I used this for a reasonable amount of time to allow it time to work.

First things I did notice, the appearance of the skin on my neck and chin seemed more toned, and brighter.

Second, I noticed also that where the lines are on my neck seemed to have plumped up making them less noticeable.

Third, I had some discoloration in a few areas from sun damage, it has faded. I am surprised as I have been trying to find a product to work all those problems.

Would I recommend this product?

Yes I would, I can see a remarkable change in my neck and chin area, it is not overpowering in smell, it absorbs quickly not leaving you feeling sticky.

As for usage, I use  it in the morning after my shower and at night after washing my face and neck before bed, you do not need a lot of the product because it spreads beautifully.

It comes in a 1.7 oz pump bottle for a perfect amount each time, no messy lids or application.

If you are  interested in purchasing the Body merry Age Defense Neck Cream I have included the link..

Per FTC GUidelines: I received one or more of the products mentioned above using Tomoson Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


One thought on “Body Merry Age Defense Neck Cream

  1. I really Body Merry products and have tried quite a few but this one I am getting older and I guess I should worry with my neck but often dont think about the signs of aging there


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